05/16/2011, 12:53

"My friend and I were visiting New York this past weekend and stopped by the World Financial Center location. Saida did an such excellent job with applying eyelashes and filling in our brows that we came back the next day and had purchased more eyelashes and had our make-up done again. She was so warm and friendly and really knows how to apply make-up. She applied just the right amount and showed gave us some really great make-up tips. Most importantly, she really know how to work with African-American skin and features. I would not only come back to your store, but will recommend it to other friends. Please tell Saida thank you again, and that we look forward to seeing her on our next trip.

p.s. I love my new lip gloss. I never would have tried that color and didn’t really think I could wear that color. Saida, you really know customer service!"

– Lisa C.


03/16/2011, 09:45

"have to try it, nothing like it in New York or any other place
I have ever been."

– ilene


02/04/2011, 13:31

" I love my eyebrows so much after my first visit! I am not going anywhere else, only to your place! Thank you so much, it was a realy nice work and great service. I am very happy with the results."

– Luba P.


09/08/2010, 12:53

"I love this place!!! My friend took me there today and I could not get more for what I paid. Saida (@ 3 World Financial Center) is so good at what she does that she told me how I do my eyebrows. Read on and you will understand what I am talking about. She took a look at my eyebrows and asked if I used wax my eyebrows before I started threading them. I was like OMG! She is really an expert because she was dead on. I used wax my eyebrows but started threading them a few months ago. From that moment on I was confident she knew what she was doing.

Saida took me in today and it was my first time. She did my eyebrows so perfectly they look fake! I cannot express how well done my eyebrows are. Saida took me through the do's and dont's for eyebrows. She was fantastic.

You get a new eyebrow shaper every time you go (since the blade gets dull after a while) and she reshapes them for you when you go in. I love the complements I am receiving and I just got out of there half hour ago!

BTW, she was booked for the whole day so I was very thankful I got there on the time slot she had available the whole day.

Love it, love it, love it!!!!!"

– Chris G. Bronx, NY


08/11/2010, 21:38

"It's been such a great experience and I finally learned how to do make up the way I like it. The staff is just terrific."

– katie M.


07/15/2010, 20:48

"If you haven't been here it is a must. I didn't know the difference an eyebrow could make! The most amazing eye brows artists I have ever met."

– Susan Mordente