Swiss Line


Swiss line was founded in 1989 in Zurich, Switzerland by Prince Michaël Massalsky. However, the brand traces its heritage back to 1952 when Dr. Alfred Pfister – a colleague of Dr. Paul Niehans, the inventor of Cellular therapy – founded Clinique Lemana in Montreux, Switzerland, and simultaneously discovered Cellvital Therapy, the innovative process of regenerating deficient systems in the body through the injection of stabilized active cells.

The discovery of Cellvital Therapy was a natural extension of Dr. Niehans’ research on cellular therapy.

Initially, Cellvital was only available via injections at Clinique Lemana, but in 1995 Dermalab SA – Swiss line’s parent company – acquired the exclusive rights to market a selection of topical skincare products containing the patented Cellvital, renamed Cellactel, for Swiss line. The current Swiss line cellular anti-aging products contain Cellactel 2 Complex, a biotechnological evolution of the original ingredient.

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